Is this thing on?

Welcome to The Edit!

I once had a professor tell me that it is impossible to have more than one good opinion a week — and it’s true. Ideally, The Edit will be the space where I can share that one thoughtful take with you while also expanding my boundaries.

I launched this newsletter so I could engage with relevant cultural criticism and works that fall outside of the beats I typically report on. As many fellow reporters know, once you start regularly writing about something, typically that’s all you’ll ever be defined as. I’ve been labeled as a climate reporter, a food reporter, an activism reporter, a Latina reporter, when I’m really all of those things (and more). So every week we’ll be diving deep on a topic relating to culture, media or whatever trending thing has gotten me riled up. And just like me, this newsletter will constantly evolve and grow.

Starting July 17, I’ll be sending out an original essay every Friday along with a list of good reads, work that I have recently published and a fun recommendation here and there. In the meantime, sign up and tell your friends! Glad to have you here.