About The Edit:

This newsletter is about dissecting culture, media and trends. From politics to pop culture, I’ll be curating and engaging with relevant criticism while also writing some of my own takes. Every week, I’ll send out an essay, a list of good reads, work that I have recently published and a fun recommendation here and there.

Meet Izzie:

I’m a freelance climate, culture and food reporter based in Brooklyn. Currently, I’m a columnist at Bitch Media as well as the managing editor for The Interlude, a new Medium publication I launched in June. I've also written for publications like VICE, Gothamist, Eater and the New York Times. Once upon a time, I was a social production associate at Good Morning America and an intern at Salon. And I happen to talk a lot of shit on Twitter.

In each of my beats, my work mainly deals with power and bureaucracy. Who has it and who is being hurt as a result? When I was at NYU, I wrote two theses in this vein, one about how bureaucratic funding often hurts those seeking to pursue climate-based relocation, and the other about New York City’s controversial East Side Coastal Resiliency Plan. I plan on doing more climate and food analysis while finishing up grad school at Columbia.

Ultimately, this newsletter is an extremely experimental space to let me write freely and expressively. Hope you’ll join along for the ride!

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